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    Working Principle    


When the drive shaft connected to the fan rotation esnekkana came into contact with the tapering form body are bent in the opposite direction  . Suction channel mouth side effect generates a vacuum in the presence trying to return to its previous form. Thus form  is filled to be transported from the vacuum effect of fluid into the pump.

Returning the liquid contained in the circular motion of the body, is shifted to the right wing thanks to the discharge line.
When in contact with the narrowed part, the wing body leans back . In the meantime, we have it by applying pressure to the liquid behind Lets roll off the press line. In this way, the fluid would be pumped from the discharge line on the suction line.
    General Features    

  • All parts except for the fan and mechanical seal are made of stainless steel

  • Viscosity can suck up self 5m'y depending on pipe diameter and speed

  • •Fluids containing high-low viscosity fluids and solid particles at a constant speed in a non-corrosive and can be transferred without damaging the fluid.

  • The pump can be operated in two ways. However, constantly changing direction of the fan blades can cause wear and tear

  • Flexible impeller pumps for trying to rub the body
    It must not run dry for more than 20 seconds.

    Scope of Application    
  • Food Industry:

    Milk, yoghurt, wine, beer, melted butter, mayonnaise, ketchup,
    oil, liquid glucose , liquid eggs, yeast , vinegar, cream ,
    hot chocolate, juice, syrup used in transfer

  • Chemical Industry:
    Paint, detergents, acids and alkalis, water-based glue, wax , ink used in the transfer emulsion.

  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry:
    Shampoo, liquid soap, cream, lotion used in the transfer.
    Material Properties    

Body: AISI 316L, AISI 304

Shaft: AISI 316L

Flexible Impeller: Natural Rubber (NR), Nitril (NBR), Slikon (VMQ)
Etilen Propilen (EPDM), Neopren (CR),

Mechanical seal: Inoks, Grafit, EPDM (NBR)

Other metal part: AISI 316L, AISI 304


    Mounting Position    


Each pump series; application area, are available with the required speed and power based on different mounting types